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Harness the Sun's Power and Transform Solar Energy into Digital Wealth

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Melanin Solar

Melanin Solar is revolutionizing the global sustainable energy landscape with our innovative blockchain-based distributed energy solution, the Melanin Smart Box (MSBX). By enabling the efficient deployment of solar micro-grid ecosystems across target markets, we're empowering communities to store and share their excess energy through a peer-to-peer model.

Melanin Smart Box

Melanin Smart Box (MSBX): The MSBX, based on the Raspberry Pi 4, creates a circular economy that allows vendors to accept micro-payments, recouping their investments quickly while enabling transparent and efficient peer-to-peer energy trading using blockchain technology.

Melanin Click

Melanin Click, is a downloadable and installable script for Linux-based systems, which loads the Whive, Bitcoin, and Lightning Node software, as well as the Whive CPU miner on the MSBX, allowing it to mine Whive coins and run Bitcoin, Lightning, and Whive nodes. HaPeeBee NFT Collection HaPeeBee NFT Collection: Purchase NFTs from this collection to receive a 100% discount on an MSBX (excluding shipping fees). Revenue from NFT sales will be used to fund initial production and marketing efforts for the MSBX.

Melanin Academy & BitHub Africa

Melanin Academy & BitHub Africa: We're addressing the shortage of engineers by partnering with BitHub Africa, the largest blockchain network on the continent, to create a Blockchain Engineering Training and Internship program. This initiative will empower young innovators with knowledge of Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, and Internet of Things technology.