Melanin Solar

The Melanin Academy currently offers a 7 Day Virtual Blockchain Essentials & Engineering Course.   Participants: Software Engineers, IT, & Computer Science students   This workshop will help you understand various components of decentralized applications design and learn more about Blockchain programming

Blockchain Engineering Prerequisites:

  • Git, Linux or MS Dos, & Basic Programming Skills (Compulsory)

What you learn?

Advanced Blockchain {Internship program}

  • Day 4: Forking Blockchains: {Whive Protocol}
  • Day 5: Notarization, Signing and Verification through: {CoinTest AI}
  • Day 6: Smart Contracts with Lightning Network
  • Day 7:  Practical usecase with Melanin Smart-Box; Integrated Blockchain,  Artificial Intelligence(AI) & Internet of Things(IOT): {Melanin Solar}


Blockchain & Crypto 101

Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

Blockchain Engineering