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Melanin Solar

Melanin Solar, is driving sustainable energy access globally through our Blockchain based distributed energy solution called the Melanin Smart Box (MSBX); This MSBX solution will enable efficient solar micro-grid eco-systems to be deployed across our target markets.

About Melanin Solar

Melanin Solar enables communities to store and share their excess energy through a peer-to-peer model to under-served neighbors.

Our solution enables the deployment and distribution of efficient solar micro-grid eco-systems globally.

At the same time through our Academy we intend to reduce the huge shortage of engineers; who can be leveraged to develop, deploy and maintain our solution especially across Africa which has a high pool of potential talent with its huge youthful population.


What is Melanin Solar?

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The Solutions

The Melanin Smart Box (MSBX)

Our Solution the Melanin Smart Box creates a Circular Economy which allows these vendors, who are the last mile service providers, to accept micro-payments recouping their investments quickly unlike traditional payment models that require expensive subscription billing. Additionally, they can excess energy through a peer-to-peer energy trading market who can transact transparently and efficiently using Blockchain technology.


Melanin Academy &

Through the Melanin Academy we are facilitating the building of SUSTAINABLE Solutions that will run the Smart Economy of the Future, we have created a Blockchain Engineering Training and Internship program together with the BitHub Africa community, the largest Blockchain network in the African continent. This Academy shall skill young innovators on Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence & Internet of Things technology.

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